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Summer School "Think, build and play 2.0" der Akademie van Bouwkunst in Groningen

Wie schon im letzten Jahr werden wir an der Summer School der Akademie van Bouwkunst in Groningen teilnehmen.

Es können bis zu 5 Studierende des Masterstudienganges Architektur teilnehmen. Die Kosten liegen bei 50 € exklusive An- und Abreise. Verbindliche Anmeldungen bei Prof. Philipp Krebs.

2015 Hanse Workshop Information - update.

27th of August - arrival between noon and 16:00
30th of August - departeure between noon and 16:00

This is briefly outlined on the announcement poster.  
A more precise schedule will be presented at the workshop.

Space Form and Light

to hang something so that it stretches in a long line,
to thread objects on a string,
to be arranged a long a line,
to add items to one another to form a series or coherent whole

Space is elemental.
It is understood first through our ability to perceive - our five senses.
Whether these are the landscapes we walk through, the cities we inhabit, or the buildings we live work and play in - the perception of space defines our experiential existence.

Form defines space.
Our experiences are organized through the perception of define elements such as points lines and planes. These cues help us to organize and understand our surroundings so we may function within them.

Light clarifies our
By reflecting revealing  accents the forms around us. It offers individual contrast and color, warmth and shade, security and sometimes fear.

Space form and light define architectural intention and purpose.
We are going to explore our ability to create definition intention and purpose with elements that innately do not possess the characteristics of solids, masses or volumes.


We will explore, design and build spaces create forms and accentuate them using various materials including rope, cord, string, scaffolding and light.
Teams will develop and produce individual solutions and spatial experiences that may stand alone or be integrated into another teams work to create a coherent whole. 

Weitere Informationen zur Summer School 2013 und zum Programm der diesjährigen hier:

summerschool 2013 groningen university review.pdf (PDF, 2,9 MB)
summerschool 2015 groningen university preview.pdf (PDF, 5,5 MB)

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