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Preparing for your work placement

  1. The students look for their placements themselves.
  2. The students and the company offering the work placement sign a training contract. You can find a sample contract in the Work Placement Regulations (Appendix 3 of the Program Regulations for the Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering).
  3. The students submit the signed contract in triplicate to the head of the Internship Office.
  4. With her signature, the head of the Internship Office confirms approval for the work placement in accordance with the conditions specified in the contract.
  5. The Internship Office provides the supervising teacher with a copy of the contract.

Performance and Credits

In order to be awarded the credit points for the engineering placement, the student must write a report after successfully completing the work placement and submit it with a certificate from the host organization to the supervising teacher, in addition to giving a presentation on the work placement.

Work Placement Report

The placement report should be divided into weeks and provide information about:

  • the workplace,
  • construction project,
  • tasks,
  • responsibilities.

Please also give an assessment of your work in the host organization with regard to the following questions:

  • What specialist knowledge was expected of you?
  • Were you able to meet these expectations?
  • What specific gaps in your knowledge did you identify?
  • In your opinion, should your training be focused on different areas?

In addition, the following information should be provided as fully as possible:

General details about the host organization

  • Address
  • Areas of work
  • Structure, capacities
  • Contact for liaison with the university

Cooperation between the host organization and the department of Civil Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

Do you see any ways of maintaining and developing existing cooperative relationships between your host organization and the department of Civil Engineering?

For example:

  • Using the Competence Catalogue of the university
  • Subcontracting or joint work on the following
    • research topics
    • student theses (projects, Bachelor's and Master's theses)

The work placement report should be 10-15 A4 pages long. It must be submitted to the supervising teacher with place, date and signature after completion of the 12-week placement period.

Placment Certificate

The host organization confirms the successful completion of the work placement by issuing a placement certificate. A sample certificate can be found in the work placement regulations (Appendix 3 of the Program Regulations for the Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering).

Placement Week

Following the engineering placement, we organize a placement week at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt (usually 50th calendar week). Students are divided into groups and attend all presentations given by their group. Each student gives an approx. 20-minute presentation on a particularly interesting aspect of his/her placement. Each presentation is followed by a 10-minute discussion session in the group.

The placement report and placement certificate should be submitted to the supervising teacher during the placement week.

Internship / Placement Office

Christian Stangenberger
Tel. 0361 6700-908 / E-Mail


The sample templates for the training contract and the placement certificate as well as the placement listings can found on Moodle.

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