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All of the PC pools in the department are equipped with modern computer technology.

For more information on the technology installed in the pools, please refer to the corresponding sites.


All computers in the pools of our faculty

  • currently run with the operating system Windows10-64 bit
  • are integrated into the data network of the university,
  • have Internet access,
  • are protected by HDGuard.

Standard software, which is available in all department laboratories:

  • Microsoft Office, German version (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher)
  • Microsoft Visio, German version
  • Microsoft Project, German version
  • Microsoft Mathtype
  • access to Peri Online Norm (via the library webpages)
  • Adobe Acrobat, full version
  • CD/DVD burning programs
  • Mozilla Firefox

HDGuard - Protection for all computers

All computers in the faculty pools are protected by HDGuard software. HDGuard monitors the partition holding the operating system and resets all changes to this partition when the computer is shut down.

Therefore it is important to save your data outside this area, either

  • on the unprotected partition data (Daten),
  • on an external data storage device or
  • on a network drive.

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