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M.Eng. Structural Engineering

The Master's program follows on consecutively from the 7-semester Bachelor's degree and is designed to impart more advanced scientific knowledge.

Prospective students who have a 6-semester Bachelor's degree can be admitted to the Master's course under certain conditions, decided on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Academic Advisor

Course Contents

1st semester:
Foundation Engineering - Mathematics for Engineering - Mechanics - Building in Context I - Solid Construction - Practical Specialization - 2 elective modules

2nd semester:
Construction Economics - Engineering Structures - Steel Construction/Composite Construction - Building in Context II - Building in Context III - Applied Computer Science - Practical Specialization - 2 elective modules

3rd semester:
Practical Specialization - Communication Techniques - Master's Thesis

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The department has several highly efficient computer pools and specialist planning laboratories. The proportion of IT-related study content is therefore correspondingly high.

The practical specialization is to be worked on alongside the students' studies, both during the first two semesters and in the lecture-free period. The module culminates in a colloquium at the beginning of the 3rd semester.

Students are allocated 14 weeks in their 3rd semester in which to write their Master's thesis, usually while working in a construction company or engineering office.

Study Objectives

The Master's program concludes with a second professional qualification and is designed to enable students to work in the following fields:

  • drafting, cost calculation and construction in structural and civil engineering
  • complex civil engineering activities in the renovation and refurbishment of existing structures, especially historical buildings
  • application of in-depth knowledge of theoretical engineering principles in research and development.

Re-accredited Degree Program

ACQUIN has extended the accreditation of this degree program until 30 September 2022.


How to apply

General Academic Regulations and Procedures

Program Regulations

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