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M.Eng. Sustainable Engineering of Infrastructure

The practically oriented Master's program in Sustainable Engineering of Infrastructure is taught in English and follows on consecutively from a 7-semester Bachelor's program in Civil Engineering. After a standard period of study of 3 semesters, it leads to a second professional and academic degree.

Students are also given the opportunity to complete an additional semester in order to carry out further scientific work at a research institution or during an engineering placement.

Prospective students who have a 6-semester Bachelor's degree can be admitted to the Master's program, subject to special conditions and decisions on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the academic advisor.


1st semester:
BIM and Digital Project Management - Pavement Maintenance - Numerics - Construction Economics and international Project Management - Natural Resources Depletion and Projection - Elective lecture 1

2nd semester:

Geodesign - Ground Improvement and Piling - Urban Water Management - Hydraulic Engineering in Urban Enviroment - Urban Infrastructure Diagnostics and Conservation - Elective lecture 2

3rd semester:
Practical Specialization- Communication Techniques/Soft Skills - Master Thesis

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The department has several highly efficient computer pools and specialist planning laboratories. The proportion of IT-related study content is therefore correspondingly high.

The practical specialization is to be worked on alongside the students' studies, both during the first two semesters and in the lecture-free period. The module culminates in a colloquium at the beginning of the 3rd semester.

Students are allocated 14 weeks in their 3rd semester in which to write their Master's thesis, usually while working in a construction company or engineering office.

Study Objectives

The Master's program concludes with the academic degree Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) and is designed to enable students to work internationally in the following professional fields:

  • the planning, drafting, calculation and management of civil engineering and urban infrastructure projects,
  • complex civil engineering work in leadership positions in the planning, calculation, execution and managment of civil engineering and urban infrastructure projects,
  • application of in-depth knowledge of engineering theory, complex workflows and processes in research and development.


The degree program has been accredited by the German Accreditation Council up to and including March 2029. The accreditation process was supervised by the accreditation institute ACQUIN.


How to apply

General Academic Regulations and Procedures

Program Regulations

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