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Digital Building Diagnostics

In the joint project "Digital condition assessment through non-destructive testing of concrete structures", a new procedure is being developed with which the most important non-destructive testing procedures (NDT) for examining reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures are combined with a spatial and temporal reference in a digital assessment, evaluated with algorithms and visualized in a 3D structure model. Within the project, sub-procedures are being developed by the project partners which will collectively digitalize building diagnostics.

The first step is to digitally record and save the as-built and existing conditions information obtained on the construction site. In addition to non-destructive methods, consideration should also be given to using minimally invasive building diagnostic techniques. On the one hand, these are necessary to calibrate the NDT procedures and, on the other hand, to obtain additional information. A test specimen is produced to validate the acquisition of data.

During raw data acquisition, it is necessary to also record 3D coordinates and link them for further processing.

The data obtained is super-positioned and partially assessed during the automated evaluation procedure. With the help of algorithms, the data obtained is interpreted collectively so that all important information is recorded. By merging the data in a common format, it is possible to convert it into a building information model (BIM). In the BIM, the results are visualized according to user experience.

In several cycles, the sub-procedures are tested, validated and optimized on a demonstrator.

Sub-topic (FH Erfurt):     Development of automated procedures for the super-position of data from NDT and less invasive procedures, as well as the development of evaluation algorithms.


Other project parners:      Marx Krontal Partner

                                               Bauconsult Hermsdorf

Approval period:             01.07.2020 - 31.10.2022

Funding:                            approx. €160,000 (FH Erfurt share)

Funding source:              Thüringer Aufbaubank

Köhlbrandbrücke, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, 1974, Entwurf: Paul Boué, Architektur: Egon Jux und Ausführungsplanung: Hans Wittfoht; Foto: R.W. Arndt

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