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Digitalization of the construction value chain (DigiWertBau)

In order to promote best practice projects in the fields of "Digital Innovations" and "Digital Platforms", the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society (TMWDDG) launched a competition to select concepts in May 2016.
Under the consortium leadership of Bauer Bauunternehmen GmbH, the 7 consortium partners submitted the project "Model Project Building Information Modeling (BIM) - Digitalization of the Construction Value Chain in Thuringia" with the short title (also referred to in the following) "Digitalization of the Construction Value Chain" and were awarded the funding on 29.11.2016.


The Thuringian project participants within the construction value chain are developing two regional construction investment projects as digital model projects using object-oriented process modeling with "Building Information Modeling" (BIM). BIM brings together the essential construction data of a building in a digital 3D model and makes it available to all stakeholders involved in the construction process. The resulting data can be used in all phases of the project's life cycle. Within their companies, the participants receive expert guidance from the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and the Bauhaus University Weimar in the form of student ambassadors who accompany and support the intensive and consistent use of BIM in the project for selected areas of the entire life cycle of the buildings.


As part of a digitalization initiative of the Free State of Thuringia, a consortium of small and medium-sized enterprises applied for the research project "Digital Construction Value Chain" and was awarded funding. The project was launched at the end of 2016.

"DigiWertBau" is a cooperation of medium-sized, Thuringian companies with the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt under the direction of Prof. Yvonne Brandenburger, the Bauhaus-University Weimar under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Joachim Bargstädt and the head of our consortium, the company Bauer Bauunternehmen GmbH in Walschleben. Student employees, so-called "BIM ambassadors" work in the small and medium-sized companies of the consortium and try to implement the BIM workflow into existing processes. Current issues and problems are discussed and resolved in regular consortium meetings at Bauer in Walschleben. For this reason, BIM ambassador meetings are held at the universities, where BIM ambassadors can exchange information and optimize work processes, which then feed into the companies' workflow. In this way, we are supporting Thuringia's small and medium-sized businesses in the rapidly advancing digitalisation process and ensuring that they are prepared for the competitive market. The BIM ambassadors also attend a variety of events, congresses and meetings throughout the country to keep abreast of the latest developments.


Development of the research project "DigiWertBau"

Consortium partners

- Bauer Bauunternehmen GmbH (head of the consortium)
- HAu.S GmbH
- Ingenieurbüro Baustatik Sando
- Karl Trübner Tief- und Landschaftsbau GmbH
- Heinrich Wassermann GmbH und Co.KG
- Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
- Fachhochschule Erfurt

Participating professors of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Department of Architecture:
Prof. Yvonne Brandenburger, field of appointment: Building Design and Construction Planning
Prof. Gerhard Meyer, field of appointment: Construction and Planning Management, Building Physics

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Conservation/Restoration, Department of Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf W. Arndt, field of appointment: Building Materials Science and Structural Diagnostics

Supporters and contributors

- Bauindustrieverband Hessen-Thüringen
- VHV Vereinigte Hannoversche Versicherung AG
- BRZ Deutschland GmbH
- f:data GmbH
- Architektenkammer Thüringen
- Ingenieurkammer Thüringen
- Stiftung Baukultur Thüringen
- Handwerkskammer Erfurt
- Fachverband Sanitär Heizung Klima Thüringen
- Ed. Züblin AG, Bereich Thüringen

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