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    Schools Research Centre

    The Schools Research Centre at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt supports school students and their teachers with projects in the fields of Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Technology (the "STEM" subjects). What's most important is that you're enthusiastic and willing to learn. Whether it's a "Jugend Forscht" competition project or a school club - we're happy to provide a variety of help and support.

    The Schools Research Centre also offers extracurricular workshops, projects, field trips and courses for inquisitive, inventive students aged 10 and over - either on-site or online. Currently,  Bionics, Biology, Computer Science and Robotics are the key areas we're working on.

    Supervision of school projects

    The team at the Schools Research Centre offers support to school students working on their own projects - from developing a research topic to taking part in competitions such as Schüler experimentieren/Jugend forscht.

    The staff at the Schools Research Centre oversee final school projects ("Seminarfacharbeit") on STEM related topics and can establish contact with experts at the University of Applied Sciences and in the STEM region of Central Thuringia.

    For schools in central Thuringia: Schools Research Centre "to go"

    The Schools Research Centre is happy to provide assistance to schools and STEM initiatives in setting up STEM activities and research clubs. The Schools Research Centre's workshops and projects are also offered at schools in Central Thuringia. It is also possible to borrow experiment boxes from the Schools Research Centre so that school students can carry out exciting experiments on a wide range of topics by themselves.


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    Dr. rer. nat. Julian Sartori


    Leiter des Schülerforschungszentrums an der Fachhochschule Erfurt

    Regionalkoordinator der MINT-Region Mittelthüringen

    Altonaer Straße 25 | 9.E.02
    Office hours / Opening hours

    Nach Absprache, i.d.R. dienstags 14-16 Uhr

    Gruppe Studierender im Labor

    Schools Lab

    In the Schools Lab, school students will discover exciting topics in the fields of optics, mechanics, magnetism, electricity, ionizing radiation and nuclear physics.