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Registering as Alumni

If you want to be registered as Alumni, then you can simply register and your contact details will be deposited in the database. You can make the registration by email to presse@no - The database of former members lies with the faculties and/or in the UAS administration.

Since the Alumni support lives or dies with good care of the contacts, we ask for your cooperation in:

  •  Updating your address in our database, by editing changes in your account when you move
  • Providing us with the addresses of former students (with their agreement), if they have so far received no information and invitations from us, but desire this
  • A form of assistance can be membership in one of the promotion associations of the UAS
  • Looking occasionally at the website of the UAS, the faculties and in other publications 

The ALUMNI support is only organized casually and is mainly "by the way". We are therefore all the more pleased if you want to get involved. In addition you can declare your interest to receive regular information, or help out at the organization.

In the longer term we hope for a running and intensive exchange with you in practice and in this way an increasing interlacing of practice and theory. We will not only stand out in such a way as university institution, but we will become a lively and innovative mechanism of our larger community.


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