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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get application forms?

You can only apply online to the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt.

During application phases, the applications portal can be accessed at the following link: Applications Portal


How do you determine the entrance requirements for courses with restricted admissions?

The restricted admissions procedure (known as "Numerus Clausus" or "NC" in Germany) is carried out after the closing date for applications. The specific entrance requirements are therefore not fixed in advance, but are determined during the selection procedure. As a result, we cannot predict the threshold prior to any given application period. The most important factors are the average grade of your university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate, A levels etc.) and the time elapsed since achieving this qualification, calculated in semesters (1 semester = 1 waiting semester). Time spent studying at a university cannot be considered as waiting semesters.


By what date do I have to have done my pre-study work placement?

The entire pre-study work placement should, if possible, be completed before the start of your studies. In some cases, however, you can make up a certain number of weeks during the semester breaks. Please discuss the specific details with the person responsible for your pre-study placement or send them an email.

Contact details of the academic advisors in the individual departments


Can I also apply to start in the summer semester?

At the moment, you can apply to start the following Master's programs in the summer semester: Applied Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Building Services Engineering, Plant Research Management and Forest Business Management.

The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt only accepts summer enrolment for other courses in later semesters (transfer students or career changers).


Can I apply for more than one degree course at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt?

Yes. You can specify one course as your first choice and another as your second choice.
It should be noted that the second choice is generally not taken into account for degree programs with restricted admissions. A possible second choice will only be assessed after all first choice applicants have been admitted to the course, provided that there are still places available and your own first choice application has been unsuccessful.


How much does studying cost?

At the moment the semester fee at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt is 249.90 euros (winter semester 2021/22). At enrolment, a one-off cost of 20 euros is incurred for the Thoska.

At present, tuition fees are only charged for long-term students who have already taken 4 semesters (so-called "tolerance semesters") longer than the standard period of study for their current degree course.

It is important to note that all semesters that you have already spent studying at a German university are taken into account. A number of special regulations pay particular attention to the social circumstances of students who are justifiably unable to pay all or part of the fees.

For constantly updated information see Fees & Charges


Can I submit additional application documents at a later date?

In principle, you are required to upload a complete set of application documents in the applications portal.If your documents are incomplete, you will get an e-mail from the Student Admissions Office and you must upload them again within a given deadline.



When will I find out whether I have been offered a place at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt?

The Student Admissions Office sends out acceptance and rejection notices for degree courses with restricted admissions approximately three to four weeks after the application deadline.

We kindly ask you to refrain from further enquiries.


Where can I apply for state funding (BAföG), where do I apply for student accommodation?

In short, both at Thuringian Student Services.
Their offices are located at Nordhäuser Straße 63, 99089 Erfurt.


I don't need the "semester ticket" - do I still have to pay for it?

Yes, the semester ticket was introduced on the basis of a solidarity agreement between all students. However, in the case of work placements and study leave outside Erfurt, for example, an exemption or, if necessary, reimbursement can be applied for at Thuringian Student Services


Can I repeat semesters?

You can attend lectures again but only repeat exams in accordance with the respective academic regulations. Please note that if you repeat a semester, the semesters will still be counted consecutively. This means, for example, that if you have already been enrolled for 2 semesters and attend the lectures of the first semester again, you are still in your 3rd semester.


Can I change universities?

Of course.
However, it makes sense to contact your preferred new university first to find out about the enrolment requirements. You can then apply for termination of enrolment at the University of Applied Sciences.


Can I apply for a scholarship at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt?

The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt awards „Germany Scholarships“ to particularly gifted and outstanding students. The scholarship is granted for two semesters and amounts to 300 euros per month. Further funding is possible within the standard period of study if proof of academic performance is provided.

You can find more information about scholarships (e.g. from organizations which support gifted young people), on the websites of the Federal Ministry of Education or Stidendium Plus.


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