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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current situation, your fully completed and signed Termination of Enrolment form can be sent to the Student Admissions Office (by email to studierendenservice@no - or by post).

We will arrange for signatures to be obtained from the library, your faculty office and any relevant laboratory & equipment departments.

Termination of Enrolment

Information on termination of enrolment in accordance with §9 of the Enrolment Regulations (ImmO) of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt


§9 Termination of Enrolment

(1) Upon written application, a student can terminate enrolment at the time of his/her choice; retroactive termination of enrolment is not permitted.

(2) Once the final degree certificate has been issued, the student's enrolment is to be terminated. Enrolment is terminated at the end of the current semester, unless further study at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt or the continuation of studies in accordance with §55 (6) 2 ThürHG requires the continuation of enrolment.

(3) Student enrolment must be terminated if there are grounds for doing so in accordance with §75 (2) ThürHG, in particular in the case of improper re-enrolment in accordance with §75 (2) no. 2 ThürHG in conjunction with §3 (5).

(4) If enrolment is terminated because the student has not duly re-enrolled in accordance with §75 (2) no. 2 of the ThürHG, enrolment will be terminated on the last day of the semester in which the student last enrolled or re-enrolled.

(5) Student enrolment can be terminated if there are reasons for doing so according to §75 (3) ThürHG.

(6) Students receive proof of termination of enrolment and confirmation of their period of study for their statutory pension insurance. In addition, students who leave the university without a degree receive a certificate of achievement summarising their overall academic and examination results. Upon termination of enrolment, membership of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt expires.

(7) The reason and effective date of termination of enrolment are recorded as part of the termination of enrolment process.

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