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Equality Office


Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Recommendations concerning gender diversity at universities

The Federal Conference of Women's and Equal Opportunities Officers (BuKoF) has drawn up recommendations for action on gender diversity at universities. The main focus is on the following four topics:

  • name and gender registration
  • gender registration in digital recording systems
  • language and form of address
  • building infrastructure

Link to the BuKoF recommendations


Gender-sensitive language

The guidelines as a download

At universities, language also creates realities, generates power differentials or excludes certain individuals; whether in lectures, presentations, academic publications, student seminar papers or official forms and documents.

However, language can never be something that is right or wrong and decreed from above. Language lives through its speakers, reflecting society and its prevailing

With the Guideline "Sag's doch GLEICH!" the Thuringian Competence Network for Equality provides ideas on how to sensitize students to the relevance of gender-sensitive language at Thuringian universities and to inform them about the most common forms of language currently used.



Equal opportunities in appointment procedures

The brochure as a download

In addition to the university's internal regulations, the brochure of the Thuringian Competence Network for Equality provides recommendations for the implementation of appointment procedures based on equal opportunities. It also includes a checklist and an overview of online databases that support members of appointment committees in their search for suitable female academics.


The printed version of the TKG's brochures is available at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt here:

Coordination Office for Equal Opportunities and Families

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Fax: 0361 6700-703

Altonaer Straße 25, room 7.1.13, 99085 Erfurt



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