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Sponsorship programmes and other organisations

ASA programme

ASA is a world-wide exchange program for learning of development policy, which addresses itself to students and young working people between 21 and 30. ASA offers scholarships for 3 months work and study stays in Africa, Asia, Latin America and south-east Europe. documentation is available from the International Office at the UAS Erfurt or under

IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience)

IAESTE run an international trainee exchange for students studying engineering, natural sciences and forestry sciences world-wide. IAESTE offers support with the placing of placement course places abroad. The duration of the placement course usually amounts to 2-3 months. The students must have completed a basic study course. 

Overseas bafög

Promoted in the context of university education are possible placement courses. More information is

Detailed advice regarding all questions for the preparation of a placement course abroad is available at the International Office of the UAS Erfurt.


International Office

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Exchange Studies

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Student Advisory Service

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