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Studying abroad

Tips for preparing to study abroad

Why study abroad?

A study abroad for one, or two semesters means on the one hand to accomplish an extension and a deepening of specialist and linguistic knowledge and on the other hand it is an important personal experience.

It offers to you the possibility of  learning other cultures, of gaining intercultural experience and promotes sensitivity in relation to strange cultures and cultural exchanges.

With a foreign study the chance is increased of gaining job-specific competence for the global job market.

A most important condition for success and thus the utilisation of the foreign study is careful preparation, and this depends to a large extent on your own initiative. You should not under any circumstances set the time too short for your preparation: Begin with the preparations at least one year before your planned stay abroad.

When is studying abroad meaningful for me?

If you would like to complete a part of your study (or two semesters) abroad, you should first begin with the study in Germany and only then go abroad if you have gained a rough overview of your field of studies. A stay abroad here proves favourable after the basic studies. It is also possible to study abroad after graduating from a German university.

In which country would I like to study?

You should think over which country and what cultural area is of specialist and personal interest to you. That means at the same time: can I follow the courses in the national language or do I have to improve my knowledge language skills? Will I pass the required language tests? You should inform yourself about the different university types and the structure of the study. Besides it is important, to what extent the German university access authorization are recognized abroad and the study and test acheivements in Germany.

How do I finance my foreign stay?

You should never underestimate the costs of a stay abroad. The costs of living and travel expenses and also study fees and additional health insurances are all to be considered.

In the OPAC catalogue of the UAS library you will find under the key word “Auslandsstudium” (studying abroad) literature for the preparation of a study abroad.

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Study abroad

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