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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Possibilities of the financing of a study abroad


Often the stay abroad is financed from the same sources as your study in Germany (own resources, BAföG (student financial assistance scheme), talented promotion etc.). If you are dependent on a scholarship, please consider that there are never enough scholarships for all prospective customers and scholarship givers usually expect above average study results. Punctual information is particularly important, since you must apply for many scholarships more than one year before the beginning of a stay abroad.

Information about the overseas Bafög

If you would like to complete a part of your study abroad and so far to have received BAföG, you can request foreign student financial assistance. Also studies, which do not fall under the BAföG and just over the income because of the revenue limit, can acquire an entitlement. Requests are to be submitted to the authorities responsible for the respective countries. You will find a list of the countries and the offices responsible in each case under the Auslandsbafög. There you can also find the request forms and further information. Please request foreign student financial assistance scheme 6-9 months before the beginning of your foreign stay.

Weitere Möglichkeiten der Finanzierung

The following Internet addresses serves as your own research. In addition, it is possible to arrange a personal consultation with the International Office. Mobility scholarships in

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