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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Requirements for entry

1. Conditions for studying

Only whose who possess a secondary graduation certification (Abitur, A-level, Baccalauréat, Matura etc.) are entitled to study, such as is justified for admission to higher education in their own country. A direct permission to study is only possible if the foreign university access authorisation is equivalent to the German school leaving certificate.

The decision regarding equivalence is made on the basis of the evaluation proposals of the conference of Ministers for the Arts and Culture. Please submit to us the school-leaving certificate of the secondary level school in your country and the pertinent overview of the results in an officially authenticated copy and in a translation into German.

Certificates which were issued in English do not have to be translated. The school-leaving certificate of the secondary level school is not on an equal footing for some countries as the German Abitur. In this case you can become conditionally certified to study, if you successfully pass the "Examination for the ascertainment of the suitability of foreign study applicants for admission to study at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany" (entrance examination). In order to prepare for this examination, a one year's course at a preparatory course is usually to be taken, which however presupposes a basic knowledge of the German language.

You can check whether you have an direct access to German universities or if you must additional services such for example in the form of study years in your home country or the visit of a Studienkolleg in Germany, have to provide. The database for foreign education Anabin will help you step by step. After a few clicks, you know if you have direct access or not.

2. Pre-study experience

In order to study at University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, you must have partially completed a pre-study experience of varying durations. More information is available on the webpage of the study offer.

Jacqueline van der Wolk
Examination of foreign university entrance qualifications (Full study courses)

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