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About us

The name "TANDEM" arose in a metaphorical context. We aim to enjoy a journey together, which in our case means starting out in a new country and a temporary new home. It is important to us that we tailor both the type and extent of support we offer to the needs of our foreign students in order to help them adjust to their new environment, especially at the beginning. The project ensures that every foreign student is assigned a tutor who will be their main point of contact. We will arrange for you to be contacted by e-mail before you arrive in Erfurt.

When the students arrive, they are then welcomed by their TANDEM partner, who will show them to their accommodation. In the first few days of your stay, your tutor will help you with administrative matters, such as registering at the Foreigners' Office, opening a bank account or taking out health insurance.

They are happy to help you not only with dealing with the authorities, but also if you have questions about timetables, exams and finding your way around the campus. Over time, students get used to their new home, settle in and require less and less help. This is exactly when TANDEM starts to become more and more of a recreational and cultural experience. We offer a wide range of activities, for example monthly cultural events such as a city rally to explore Erfurt at the beginning of each semester, excursions within the region, city tours and sporting events.

TANDEM is about making it easier for foreign students to settle in and establish close contacts with German students, which in turn stimulates sustainable intercultural learning on both sides. A semester passes quickly, with many of the foreign exchange students having to say goodbye to Erfurt and go back to their home countries. However, the strong personal ties that they make lead to lasting communications between foreign and German students.

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