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Current Issues

A city cooling down – exhibition on adapting to summer heat

HeatResilientCity – Heat pollution in cities: results of the Dresden survey 2018

Human settelment development and living – sustainable urban planning between dreams and reality in Europe, Asia and America

HeatResilientCity – Heat pollution in cities: results of the Erfurt survey 2018

The current ISP newsletter provides information on ongoing developments and updates on ISP research

A new book provides answers to the question of the future: "Sharing approaches in neighbourhood living"

ISP celebrates its 10-year-anniversary in 2018

Impressions from the anniversary on 4th July 2018

The ISP Team
Prof. Heidi Sinning welcomes our guests
Documentation of the workshop
Ten years of ISP
Discussions at the "Topic-Table"
Presentation of the results

Current Publications

Article on the 10-year anniversary of the ISP, Thüringer Allgemeine from 07.07.2018

Living, Sharing, Swapping - A guideline for successfully way implementing sharing in housing companies

Research project "Heat Resilient City", Thüringer Allgemeine from 02.12.2017

Age-appropriate living in neighborhoods

The Thuringian Basin Alliance – Intermunicipal City of the Future 2030+

ISP Publications, Volume 7

Adjustments to residential areas to promote age-appropriate neighbourhood development

ISP Publications, Volume 5

Review of the ImWo-Publication - ISP Publication Series Volume 6

Sharing economy in the housing industry: a trend for fresh impetus?

Sharing Economy in the Housing Industry

Results of the online survey 2016

The Image of Downtown Living Districts

ISP Publications, Volume 6

Article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, 17.02.2017

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