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Current Issues

A city is cooling down – Exhibition about the adaption of summer heats

HeatResilientCity – Heat pollution in cities: result report of the survey 2018 in Dresden

Settelment development and living – sustainable urban planning between delusions and reality in Europe, Asia and America

HeatResilientCity – Heat pollution in cities: result report of the survey 2018 in Erfurt

The current ISP-Newsletter informs about the ongoing development and the keeps up-to-date about the research of the ISP

New book gives answers to the question of the future: „Sharing approaches in the field of living in the neighbourhood“

ISP celebrates 2018 its 10-year-anniversary

Impressions from the anniversary on 4th of July 2018

The ISP-Team
Visitor’s Reception by Prof. Heidi Sinning
Documentation of the workshop
Ten years of ISP
Discussions at the „Topic-Table“
Presentation of the results

Current Publications

Publication about the 10-year-anniversary of the ISP, Thüringer Allgemeine from 07.07.2018

Living Sharing Swapping - A guideline for a successful way to integrate sharing in housing companies

Research project "Heat Resilient City", Thüringer Allgemeine from 02.12.2017

Age-based living in neighborhoods

Cooperation Thuringia basin – Inter-municipal-city-of-future 2030+

ISP-Schriftenreihe, Band 7

Living-area-adaption to support an age-based neighborhood development

ISP-Schriftenreihe, Band 5

Review of the ImWo-Publication - ISP Publication Series Volume 6

Share Economy in the Housing Industry: Trend to release a pulse?

Share Economy in the Housing Industry

Ergebnisbericht zur Online-Befragung 2016

The Image of Downtown Living Districts

ISP-Schriftenreihe, Band 6

Newspaper article Süddeutsche Zeitung, 17.02.2017

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