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Study "The role of civil society for urban qualities in the sense of the European City - similarities, differences and need of actions with regard to the development of public spaces comparing Poland and Germany"

Public spaces are places for community and social processes of negotiation, identification and participation. In addition to the free accessibility and usability, the social appropriation and participation in the development and design of public spaces are increasingly becoming the measure of democratic participation opportunities. In Germany, a differentiated culture of participation has developed over the last decades, also for the design of public spaces. Here citizens are involved in different roles, as co-producer, as active participant or as political authority. Also in Poland, participatory approaches in the development of public space are increasingly observed. The project should contribute to the qualification of a new society participation within the meaning of democratic participation rights in the respective countries. In this context, the research aims at investigating and comparing case studies in Poland and Germany. In the field of public space the research project should find out, which are the simularities and differences with regard to frameworks, tools and methods of participation, actors and traditions in Polen and Germany.

An expert-workshop has been carried out to ensure the exchange of experiences and knowledge between Polish and German experts from science and practice.

Polish-German Science Foundation (DPWS), 08.2014 - 12.2014

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