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DBU model project EnWoKom: Energy efficiency and the housing industry - Testing of environmental communication concepts for an energy efficient behaviour of residents in existing housing complexes in Erfurt and Kassel

As a point of contact for residents and a potential cooperation partner, housing companies play an important role in implementing climate change objectives on a local level. In addition to technological innovations, energy savings and increasing energy efficiency, the energy consumption behaviour of private households is one of the determining factors in the energy transition.

In collaboration with two housing companies participating in the pilot project, methods of information and participation are being tested und further developed, with a view to contributing to an energy efficient behaviour of residents. As a result, successful strategies will be developed to strengthen energy efficient and sustainable behaviour as well as significantly improve the carbon footprint of the residents within the pilot neighbourhoods. Furthermore, recommendations regarding communication processes and strategies for implementing the energy transition will be provided for the housing industry and local administrations.

German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), 06.2013 - 04.2018


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