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Energy Efficiency and Comfort of Living in Prefab Buildings (EnWoPla)

As part of the earlier research project “Energy Efficiency and Housing Industry” (EnWoKom) the ISP in cooperation with the housing cooperative “WbG Erfurt eG”, residents, and further participants implemented a model apartment to consult and motivate residents about energy efficient housing.
The project “Energy Efficiency and Comfort of Living in Prefab Buildings” (EnWoPla) expands this approach by making the model apartment movable and by widening the consulting methods regarding energy efficient behaviour of residents. Between August 2016 and December 2017, the apartment, supported by IKEA Foundation, was put up in the neighbourhood “Berliner Platz” in the city of Erfurt.
The need for this advancement of the research lies primarily in linking energy saving with high comfort of living, especially in prefabricated buildings. The most important research questions are:

•    How can energy efficiency and high comfort of living be linked in a holistic
concept by implementing a model apartment as a ‘living exhibition’?

•    How can consulting services, aiming at specific target groups (e.g. lifestyle-intrinsic), contribute to this concept?

EnWoPla aims to provide help for the residents to develop their own ideas on how to motivate themselves and their neighbourhood for achieving a more energy efficient lifestyle. To keep the consulting services tied to the practice as much as possible, the research project provides a variety of activities and measures for the tenants to actively contribute to. This aims at a sustainable change of behaviour without losing or reducing the comfort of living. The results of EnWoPla are evaluated against the background of energy transition in the housing sector. Furthermore, this involves the transferability of the ‘living exhibition’-approach.

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