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Images of inner city residential quarters: Strategies to improve and stabilize neighbourhood image through a healthy development of urban quarters as a cooperative task of housing industry and municipality.

The research project ImiWo was focusing on inner city residential quarters, which are defined by a negative (external) image due to demographic, social and economic transition. It primary examines integrated approaches to improve the neighbourhood image, mainly based on research in two pilot quarters in Berlin and Würzburg. Therefore, framework conditions, influencing factors and relevant actors and their specific effects on the development of a neighbourhood image are explored. In cooperation with the housing associations the role of the housing industry and the municipality as well as their scopes of action regarding a health-promoting and energy efficient development are analyzed. The projects outcome are process-oriented strategies to improve the neighbourhood image. International experiences are reflected.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 08.2012 - 12.2015 

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