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Overview of the research topics

Development of Housing Stock for Specific Target Groups

As a result of demographic and social change and shifts in the economic situation of sections of the population, the housing sector is facing new challenges in terms of demand and the expectations of the housing market (paradigm shift from a supply-oriented to a demand-oriented housing policy). When developing housing stock, it is essential to consider ... more



Integrated Urban Development

Integrated approaches to urban development entail "coordinating and networking various fields of policy-making and specialised planning in terms of space, time and objectives (...) while defining goals to be achieved using specific (financial) instruments. In this regard, it is of paramount importance to involve all those parties concerned with sustainable ... more



Sustainable Development of Human Settlements and Open Spaces

Since sustainability was introduced as a guiding principle in many fields of policy at the beginning of the 1990s, the development of human settlements and open spaces has taken on a new dimension and is now focused on integrating social, ecological, economic and cultural concerns. This means coordinating the various land use demands on the limited space available as effectively as possible. One solution is to combine ... more



Municipal Climate Protection Management

Municipal sustainability management has become increasingly significant as a tool for holistic governance and can be used strategically to address the impacts of global climate change and the need to mitigate CO2 emissions at local levels. Municipal climate protection management is a future-oriented instrument aimed at meeting climate protection targets by improving and efficiently regulating ... more



Communicative Planning and Governance

The issue of communicative planning, participation and governance was not only a controversial issue regarding the Stuttgart 21 project, but has also become an essential element of everyday planning. Communicative planning instruments are a broad spectrum of tools and procedures that help the various stakeholders involved in planning processes to "communicate and mediate", ranging from providing information to ... more



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