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Integrated Urban Development

Integrated approaches to urban development entail "coordinating and networking various fields of policy-making and specialised planning in terms of space, time and objectives (...) while defining goals to be achieved using specific (financial) instruments. In this regard, it is of paramount importance to involve all those parties concerned with sustainable urban development - including those not associated with politics or administration - at an early stage and in a comprehensive manner" (BMVBS, BBR 2007: 15). As stressed by the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities, integrated urban development should make a substantial contribution to the sustainable development of cities. This area of research deals with integrated urban development strategies, urban (inner city) development, the stabilization and enhancement of structurally weak urban neighbourhoods, and the dialogue-oriented development of urban areas and districts based on the needs of their residents.

Current Research Projects

Integrating disadvantaged populations through strategies and instruments for promoting social coexistence in neighbourhoods – StraInQ

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