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Municipal Climate Protection Management

Municipal sustainability management has become increasingly significant as a tool for holistic governance and can be used strategically to address the impacts of global climate change and the need to mitigate CO2 emissions at local levels. Municipal climate protection management is a future-oriented instrument aimed at meeting climate protection targets by improving and efficiently regulating administrative activities, project development and implementation, and the accompanying coordination and control processes of public and private stakeholders. The task of municipal climate protection management is to positively influence and, where possible, establish the essential parameters and conditions for the sustainable use of energy at a local level. This means overcoming the technical, legal, economic, financial, organizational, socio-cultural and psychological barriers that impede climate protection. The main objective is to align decision-making and workflows in administration and local politics with longer-term goals. These goals should integrate economic, social and environmental demands, specifically by encouraging as many stakeholders as possible to participate at different stages of a systematic and holistic process. This area of research deals with strategic management approaches and good practice examples in municipal climate protection.

Current Research Projects

BMBF Research Project HeatResilientCity - Heat-resilient cities and district development. Residential-orientated knowledge generation and implementation in Dresden and Erfurt

DBU model project: Energy efficiency and housing industry - Testing of environmental communication concepts for an energy efficient behaviour of residents in existing housing complexes in Erfurt and Kassel

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