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Sustainable Development of Human Settlements and Open Spaces

Since sustainability was introduced as a guiding principle in many fields of policy at the beginning of the 1990s, the development of human settlements and open spaces has taken on a new dimension and is now focused on integrating social, ecological, economic and cultural concerns. This means coordinating the various land use demands on the limited space available as effectively as possible. One solution is to combine "protection and use" by implementing environmentally-oriented approaches to residential and commercial development. One of the basic principles is an understanding of how to use land efficiently. Therefore, not only should new building land be designated according to economic considerations, but it should also be ascertained whether new building land is needed at all - for example, whether it is possible to reuse land formerly used for commercial or infrastructural purposes. Urban development is a key issue. This not only involves reclaiming brownfield sites for residential use, but also "twofold urban development", i.e. the (re)acquisition of open spaces within the city. Urban development, space-saving structures, green construction methods, but also the communication of true costs when choosing residential locations are all strategies for implementing the goal of using land efficiently, which is the focus of this research project.

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