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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Academic Advisory Service

Every course at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt has its own academic advisor.
They advise prospective students, those changing universities and current students on matters relating to their degree programs:

  • Choosing your field of specialization
  • Organizing your studies
  • Types of courses and lectures
  • Comparability and recognition of academic achievements when changing universities and courses
  • Queries about academic regulations and procedures
  • Questions relating to specific subjects

Academic Advisors

Applied Computer Science 
Phone:0361 6700-678 
Phone:0361 6700-461 
Civil Engineering 
Phone:0361 6700-956 
Counselling and Intervention 
Phone:0361 6700-516 
Early Childhood Education 
Phone:0361 6700-550 
Business Administration 
Phone:0361 6700-113 
Business Management 
Phone:0361 6700-184 
Renewable Energy Design 
European Railway Systems 
Phone:0361 6700-573 
Finance and Accounting 
Phone:0361 6700-180 
Forestry and Ecosystem Management 
Phone:0361 6700-2091 
Phone:0361 6700-266 
Building Services Engineering 
Phone:0361 6700-356 
Traffic and Transportation 
Phone:0361 6700-376 
International Social Work 
Phone:0361 6700-539 
Conservation and Restoration 
Phone:0361 6700-763 
Bachelor Landscape Architecture 
Master Landscape Architecture 
Forest Business Management 
Phone:0361 6700-281 
Material Flow and Logistics 
Phone:0361 6700-611 
Early Childhood Education 
Phone:0361 6700-831 
Plant Research Management 
Social Work 
Phone:0361 6700-556 
Urban and Spatial Planning 
Phone:0361 6700-463 
Railway Engineering 
Phone:0361 6700-662 
Traffic, Transport and Logistics Engineering 
Phone:0361 6700-522 
Energy Engineering 
Phone:0361 6700-360 

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