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What is a campus specialist?

Campus specialists also study at the university they represent. They can answer all your questions about studying and living in Erfurt and give you the best tips! If you have specific questions, they can also put you in touch with the right person and offer you advice and practical assistance.

Justine - Campus Specialist at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

Name: Justine
Course: Business Management
Semester: Master's 2nd semester

Questions & Answers

How did you find the right course for you?

I knew I wanted to do my Master's in a new city. It was personally important to me to find a city that offers enough things to do, a beautiful old town and plenty of green space. I come from a very small town in the north and am used to being surrounded by heathlands. As a result, it was important for me to not be too far away from nature. Due to my part-time job back then, I had already got to know Erfurt through a short visit. I immediately loved the old town and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt went on my list.

I did my Bachelor's degree at a university and wanted to attend a university of applied sciences for my master's degree. Friends of mine who study at a university of applied sciences told me about the great family atmosphere and raved about the practical aspects of the lessons and the interesting excursions. I also wanted to experience this, so I decided to see for myself.

Of course, it is not only your surroundings that are important; your degree course also has to match your own interests. For this reason, I made a comparison of the degree programs and compared the subjects and specializations offered. After extensive research, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt came out on top because of the city and the degree course.

What does studying in general mean to you and what role does the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt play?

Going to university gives you the opportunity to develop and get to know yourself. Who am I really? What am I interested in? What am I passionate about? What's important to me? All these questions can be answered while you're studying.

By studying a wide variety of different subjects, you discover new interests, broaden your horizons, and new opportunities present themselves. Interaction with professors and fellow students allows experiences to be shared. Your time as a student plays an invaluable role in finding out about yourself.

Small seminar groups at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt enable you to develop good relations with your lecturers and fellow students. I like the feeling of not getting lost in the crowd, but really being seen and heard. All students can make contributions in their lessons. In my opinion, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt offers students the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone. You can become more self-confident, better at working in teams and working alongside others, and most of all, you can make friendships that will enrich your life.

Furthermore, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt organizes numerous excursions so that you can get to know different companies and sectors and make important contacts. The excursions provide insights that might help you to identify your own interests and may be significant for your later career. This, in turn, makes your own ideas and expectations of your subsequent career more and more specific, making the application process after graduation much easier.


What advice would you give to prospective students?

Make the most of student life! Try out new things, get to know each other, definitely move out of your comfort zone and make friends for life. Think beforehand what direction you want to go in and talk to friends and relatives. Decide what's important for you and what you enjoy doing. Have the courage to make the right decisions for you.

Campus Specialist Justine
Campus Specialist Justine

Do you have any questions for me? About university, the campus, finding a place to live... then just write to me!

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