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How much does university cost?

The expense of studying varies widely - depending on where you go to university, what course you're doing and your personal needs. The following figures are based on the average costs of students who took part in the 20th Social Survey of the German National Association for Student Affairs (2012).

1. Expenditure on rent, including utilities

Students in the eastern states of Germany spend on average €53 less per month than students in the west. Students spend on average €281 on renting - in Erfurt it's €248.

The cost of renting depends on your acommodation. Whether you live with your parents, in university accommodation, in a shared flat (German "WG"), in a subletted room or your own flat (by yourself or with a partner) - you have a wide range of options.

2. Expenditure on food, clothing and educational materials

Students spend about €165 a month on food and €52 on clothing. Monthly expenses for university materials such as books, stationery, photocopying and printer ink can vary depending on your course, but they average at €33.

3. Travelling costs

Monthly expenses for a car or public transport are about €82. However, students at the University of Erfurt or the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt can use their semester ticket for free travel on trams and buses in Erfurt and regional transport in Thuringia. Long-distance rail travel on Deutsche Bahn (ICE/IC) is not included.

4. Expenditure on health and care insurance*

Up until the age of 25, the statutory health insurance fund offers students family insurance coverage. Those who do not have family insurance can expect to pay a monthly contribution of approximately €66 for statutory health insurance and approximately €15 for statutory care insurance. Since 01.01.2015, statutory health insurance companies have been allowed to demand individual additional contributions from their clients. As a result, student health insurance premiums can now also vary considerably.

5. Expenditure on telephone, Internet, radio and television

The monthly cost of telephone, internet, radio and television fees and postage is around €33.

6. Expenditure on leisure, culture and sports

Students spend approximately €68 per month on leisure, culture and sports.

7. Semester fee

When you enrol at a university, you have to pay a semester fee, which varies from university to university. It partly goes towards Student Services and partly towards the Student Council. In addition, further benefits, such as the semester ticket, can be financed by this fee.

Semester fee

8. Tuition fees

There are generally no tuition fees in Thuringia.

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