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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Erfurt – the liveable and lovable capital of Thuringia

Erfurt combines culture, fun and relaxation, whether it's in cabaret, at concerts or on a leisurely stroll between the Merchants' Bridge (Krämerbrücke) and the cathedral. Erfurt is also about finding new job opportunities and fulfilling your professional dreams.

Erfurt - the liveable and lovable capital of Thuringia

Tradition inspires innovation

In Erfurt, young people have a wide range of opportunities to lead their lives according to the motto " tradition inspires innovation". Once, Martin Luther appreciated the advantages of the University of Erfurt, and today, about 5,500 young people study there, for example in the university's core subjects "Education" and "Religion". Furthermore, there are approximately 4,700 students at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, who combine theory and practical work in their studies.

While you're studying hard, don't neglect your free time

There's a lot to see and do in the state capital, which, with more than 200,000 inhabitants, is the largest city in the Free State of Thuringia and is considered to be one of the most attractive cities in Germany. Hundreds of years ago, Erfurt was already an important traffic junction: in the Middle Ages, two important trade routes crossed here, the Via Regia and the Nuremberg Geleitsstraße, which helped Erfurt gain in importance and wealth. The city, first mentioned in 742, still owes much of its attraction and radiance to its historic trade in woad, a plant that was used to dye fabrics blue.

Shop, savour and stroll

With an attractive mix of small stores, which also offer typical regional specialties and handicrafts, and the large, cross-regional shopping malls, the state capital has something for everyone. This is especially true of Erfurt's food scene, which has many other delicacies to surprise you besides the indispensable Thuringian dumplings and bratwurst . The rich variety of restaurants with local specialties and foreign cuisine are a treat for body and soul. And if you decide to go for an evening stroll, you can still experience the unique vibrancy of the city even at a late hour. That's when Erfurt's bars awaken, welcoming tourists, students and residents alike.

Erfurt – home to professional and amateur sports

In Erfurt there are hardly any limits to the cultural and sporting activities on offer. Various sports facilities offer a wide range of possibilities for competitive and recreational athletes. For example, you can go ice skating in the Gunda-Niemann-Stirnemann-Halle, where important national and international competitions are also held.

Top athletes from all over the world also appreciate the excellent training conditions at the Olympic base in Erfurt - with its ice sports centre, Steigerwald stadium and Andreasried cycling track. In the numerous sports clubs, amateur athletes will have no trouble finding opportunities to train. Erfurt's many parks are also popular as places to exercise and relax. Whether surfing on the Erfurt lakes or cycling on the long-distance cycle paths - everyone can be active in Erfurt.

If you are ready to explore the heart of Germany, you will discover Erfurt, a city where tradition and innovation go hand in hand, a place where the quality of life is second to none.


Erfurt - in the heart of Germany

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