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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Quality assurance of the scientific practise at the UAS

Attention to, and adherence to the principles of good scientific practice are elementary conditions for scientific working and for the acknowledgment of scientific work in the public and in the community of the scientists.

A commission appointed by the German Research Foundation (DFG) "Self-regulation in science" compiled corresponding proposals in relation to this, which were then decided in the meeting of the members of the DFG on 17 June 1998 as principles for the protection of good scientific practice.

At the UAS Erfurt in January 2007

new guidelines for the protection of good scientific practice at the UAS Erfurt

were confirmed by the convention. 

These guidelines were estimated on the part of the DFG as conformal to the DFG recommendations.

In accordance with § 8 para 1 of the guidelines, a trusted third party (TTP) is to be appointed. In paragraph 2 it states:

"The TTP provides advice in principle regarding questions of good scientific practice and those, which they are informed about a presumed scientific failure. Each member of the university has requirement to approach the TTP personally within a short period. The TTP examines the references summarily for their truth content and meaning, for possible motives and regarding possibilities for the rejection of the reproaches."


Dr. Thomas Schwager
Trusted third party

Tel.: 0361 6700-709
Fax: 0361 6700-703
Email: schwager@no -

Postal address:
Fachhochschule Erfurt
Postfach 45 01 55
D-99051 Erfurt

Visotor's address:
Altonaer Straße 25
99085 Erfurt
House 7, Room 7.2.27


Guidelines for good scientific practise at the AUS Erfurt

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