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Research cooperation possibilities

Are you interested in research, development and transfer of technology (research) in cooperation with the UAS Erfurt?

Reaserch funded by the household of the UAS Erfurt

The state of Thuringia finances the basic equipment. Depending upon requirement of funds the university, the faculty and/or the individual scientist can decide whether in an exceptional case a project is financed only over university means. With such a decision are to be weighed among other things - scientific meaning, possible subsequent projects, rights of the results.

Higher education research financed by third-party funding

The above-mentioned basic equipment is not generally so comprehensive that all desirable projects can be realised. The university is therefore dependent on the fact that with third-parties the projects are at least proportionately financed.

a) University and partners can together place a request with a third party (combined projects), which finances expenditures all at least proportionately. If the university is entitled to claim, the expenditure for the filing of an application is taken over on the part of the university. If the partner only is entitled to claim, at least support takes place. Each applicant in most cases receives their granted means for their own administration.

b) The partner appears as a client to the university. The rights and obligations (costs, results, rights etc.) are regulated in a contract. If the client does not stipulate anything else, the university receives the finance for administration. The scientist decides on the topic-related employment of the finance.

Research in secondary employment

Professors are also entitled to accomplish research in the context of the part-time work. The advantage here are shorter decision paths (direct agreement with the scientist). As a rule however, remuneration of all expenditures is expected here. The scientist is responsible for the interior relationship to the university.

Research by means of theses (diploma)

The university is very much interested in practical thesis (diploma) topics. Since the thesis (diploma) is examination work, the requirements are fixed in the examination rules of the individual courses of studies, which are to be considered. Further the thesis (diploma) is an independent scientific achievement of the studies, so that the rights at the results are to be clarified first with the student and if necessary with the person responsible from the UAS.

Placement and assignment wok

This work is part of the course of studies, whereby practical course work is to be considered etc. Relevant desires are passed on immediately to the respective faculty.


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