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Used tools

For an effective and efficient project work, the staff of the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute have access to the entire network of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and have a personal computer workplace. Most of all

  • Geo-information systems (Arcmap, Arcview)
  • CAD-tools (AutoCad)
  • Graphic design (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw)
  • Database programmes and
  • Office and communications application (text work, chart calculation)

are used within the work on projects. The Institute further possesses an ultra-modern transport laboratory. It is outfitted with two workplaces for

  • Transport Modelling (VISUM, VISEVA)
  • Geo-information processing (Arcmap, Arcview).

The licenses allow the display of regional networks on the regional and communal level as well as the modelling on the federal and national level.

Besides various distribution and copying devices, an A0 plotter is available for large-sized documents.

All staff members have access to the University’s library and the extensive stock of specialized literature owned by the Institute.  In order to act flexibly, the Institute constantly keeps the most modern computer equipment.

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