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Accessibility and location studies

In the field of spatial research, the concept of accessibility is a central aspect and part of many fields of practice (e.g. the transport and spatial planning or the assessment of locations and infrastructure). Basically, one has to distinguish between two points of view: on the one hand, the passenger-related accessibility that marks the question of an individual’s or a group of individual’s point of view. Here, the focus lies within the possibilities of a person to become active in different locations, which are determined by the basic conditions (e.g. transport system, distances). On the other hand, the location-based accessibility describes the accessibility of a concrete destination or possibility of activity. Depending on the problem, specific catchment areas for the observed locations or destinations are defined and e.g. potentials in spending power and number of customers are pointed out or fields of supply are determined.

As well as the analysis of accessibility the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute can refer to longtime experience in the field of location studies. The analysis includes other criteria besides accessibility (e.g. provision of workers, sustainability, equipment of infrastructure, competition on the market and possibilities of cooperation) and serves the purpose of the assessment of location factors. Particularly under economic aspects, these assessments lead to concrete recommendations for location decisions or to measures to enhance locations.

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Prof. Dr. Matthias Gather


Projects in the range of accessibility and location studies

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