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Assessment of infrastructure

Even though one is increasingly looking for solutions within the transport sector, the assessment of infrastructure measures is still very important. The upgrading as well as the expansion and deconstruction of transport infrastructures are to be regarded not only technologically and managerially for the infrastructure operators as they have various impacts on space, environment, economics and society, especially in the field of transport.

The Transport and Spatial Planning Institute has been making assessments on transport infrastructures on all levels for years already. Criteria in assessing infrastructure measures are

  • Changing of regional accessibilities
  • Regional-economic effects
  • Environmental impacts as well as
  • Effects on the transport demand

These assessments are usually held in terms of quantity, but can also be carried out qualitatively (e.g. environmental assessment) or in an integrated manner (methods like the cost-benefit-analysis). Further more, there have been investigations on the financing of large infrastructure projects within the railway sector in the past.

Contact persons:
Prof. Dr. Matthias Gather


Projects in the range of assessment of infrastructure

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