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Barrier-freedom / design for all

Barrier-freedom in terms of design for all becomes increasingly important in Europe. Due to the demographic change, barrier-free products and services will be increasingly requested within the coming decades. To consider barrier-freedom in the fields of architecture and crafts, town and transport development as well as product design is fundamental for an enduring accessibility, usability and within this context a long-term efficiency of investments. Altogether, a barrier-free environment is obligatory for ca. 10% of the citizens, necessary for 40% and convenient for 100%. This means a clear plus in quality of life for all!

The Transport and Spatial Planning Institute has been dealing with the question of barrier-freedom in the field of transport for years now and has been considering various forms of transport. Priorities are set in the barrier-free design of the regional public transport as well as pedestrian traffic, particularly considering barrier-free tourism. This also includes barrier-free design of hiking trails and events for all. Besides that, practical solutions to optimise public instruments to advance public transport and assessments on accessibility and usability of touristic sights are developed.

Contact person:

Prof. Dr Matthias Gather
Dr Markus Rebstock

Projects in the range of barrier-freedom / design for all

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