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European regional development

The EU-Eastern-Enlargement (since 2004) has evoked the question how spatial and transport development towards between and within the new member states can be managed in an effective and sustainable way. The countries along the former external border of the EU – especially the federal states of East Germany – take up a significant function as they work as a juncture to the enlarged EU. Further more, the federal states of East Germany are on the one hand part of the “old” EU, but on the other hand have they experienced a transformation process in the past 20 years as well, which the new member states still have to cope with.

In order to support the coalescence of the regions, various projects that deal with transport and spatial conditions as well as their effects and further development are supported by the EU.

The Institute works on a European level on the analysis and assessment of transport infrastructure and transport corridors, on the development of environmentally friendly transport concepts and on the support of EU-applications of third parties. This means both wide areas, transnational and regional transborder projects.

Contact persons:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Gather

Projects in the range of European regional development

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