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Freight transport

The German, European and worldwide freight transport has been significantly increasing within the past years and, according to the prognoses, will continue doing so throughout the next years. This growth not only causes regional bottlenecks in capacity, especially within road and railway transport, but also leads to severe detriments of climate, people, nature, and environment. 


A main focus of the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute’s work is the reproduction and the analysis of traffic flows, the identification of bottlenecks and, basing on this, the formulation of requirements concerning transport infrastructure and processing. Within all investigations and concepts of freight transport, the main goal remains to support environmentally sustainable means of transport, as well as to use the existent infrastructures intelligently.


The thematic focuses of the Institute in the field of freight transport analyses are at present:

  • reproduction and analysis of freight traffic flows and infrastructures
  • freight transport prognoses
  • estimations of potentials and analyses of demand within the regional railway freight transport
  • determination of capacities within the road freight transport

Contact partners:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Gather

Projects in the range of freight transport

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