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Mobility concepts

Transport is the expression of spatial interaction in terms of human activity both within the passenger and the freight transport. The idea of mobility concepts is to find a way to satisfy these demands at the best possible and thus minimise the environmental, managerial or economic expense.

Therefore an integrated study of different forms of transport as well as existing and prospect regional structures is necessary for all mobility concepts. This calls for a complex approach of different disciplines, e.g. the engineering sector, the classic space-related planning disciplines (spatial planning, geography, city planning etc.), economic science, environmental science or sociology.

In terms of mobility concepts the Institute offers work including the following possible aspects:

  • Transport analyses, spatial analyses
  • Transport prognosis
  • Design of transport networks and supply
  • Assessment and estimation of consequences
  • Comparison of systems


Contact person:
Prof. Dr. Matthias Gather


Projects in the range of mobility concepts

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