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Travel demand

The regional mobility in our life is a result of the need of changing locations. Reasons for changing locations are various and majorly depend on the distance to

  • Work
  • Shopping facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Recreational institutions.

If changing of locations are connected to our everyday rhythm of life, so called “chains of ways” emerge. A stereotypical “chain of ways” for a working adult could be:

  • In the morning à way from the apartment to work
  • In the afternoon à way from work to the grocery store
  • In the late afternoon à way from the grocery store to the apartment

These presented studies add to the basis of calculations of travel demands for specific social groups. In the field of economic and freight transport on the other hand, we need different models.

The aims of the modeling and calculation of transport demand are the determination of transport behaviour of e.g. homogenous social groups with consideration of different typical activities. On that ground transport potential of e.g. housing areas can be estimated. The transport demand often creates the foundation for various projects and is the starting point of the actual research. Within most of the cases, the investigations fundamentally refer to the passenger and freight transport. Basing on this, detailed research on potentials in transport demand within public and individual transport often is necessary.

Contact person:
Prof. Dr. Matthias Gather


Projects in the range of travel demand

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