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EventRegion- Barrier free events in Low Mountain ranges

1.    Aim of the project

Events are an important element for presenting a tourism region. If tourism regions like the “Model region for a barrier free tourism for all” would like to offer  tourism for all, they have to consider that all the events they offer need to be accessible for all.

Because of that background the aims of the project are:

-       Develop solutions to avoid barriers on events with a small effort

-       Support local actors during the implementation of solutions which are accessible for all

-       To determine the condition for the execution of new touristic and accessible events


 2.    State of Science

Professional papers about barrier freedom are not provided so far or they are sectoral straightened. In the fields of construction and traffic exist extensive research knowledge about barrier freedom and accessibility for all, though this can only be transferred on special situations of events with a temporary character.


3.    Methods

The methodology to find solutions contained:

-       an intensive search for sources

-       structured expert’s talks

-       an inventory of the barriers of events and

-       the development of solutions which are accessible for all

Moreover, an inventory of events of the regions and an analysis of the structure of the events were carried out, of which knowledge was derived for the arrangements of touristic events without barriers in the model region.

4.    Achievement

Essential results of the project are:

-       the conception of quality ranges for accessible events for all which helps to plan and carry out events for all

-       the demonstration of the importance of a universal basic equipment, which orientates itself consistently by the “event service chain” for accessible events for all

-       the demonstration of the importance of signposting (guidance system) and the transmission of informations, which are unattended in today’s barrier free conceptions

Besides measures to increase accessibility for all at concrete events in the model region were developed.


5.    Conclusions

With the project a broad scientific basis was created to the accessibility for all of events, and this basis will be used by organizers in the model region to get a new quality of events and perspectively more guests.


 6. Service

Brochure about events for all

A brochure (“Events for all”) for organizers of events, which shows the central project results of organising events, which are accessible for all, is available in pdf format (14 MB) as download in German language.

Quality ranges

An overview of the quality ranges for events, which are accessible for all, is also available in pdf format (70 kB) in German language.


Pictograms were created on basis of licence delivery to free AIGA- pictograms ( as a supplement for events, which are accessible for all. They are available as GIF- format file (17 pictograms packed in a ZIP file, 400 kB).

Project leader:
H. Kill

Contact person:
M. Heiseholt
J. Flaig

Oct. 2003 - Feb. 2005

Design for All

Cooperative planning


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