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Use of the “cannon railway” (Kanonenbahn) in the nature reserve Eichsfeld- Hainich- Werratal as a tourist adventure line with railbike services and offers for bicycles

The major task of the association “Kanonenbahnverein Lengenfeld unterm Stein” is to sustain the already existing route of the Kanonenbahn between Dingelstedt and Geismar including the viaduct in Lengenfelde unterm Stein. They also want to conserve an important part of German railway history and art of architecture of the 19th century for future generations. The most important buildings on the route are placed under a preservation order. Besides the preservation of the infrastructure, the attractiveness of the route should be used to win tourists over the region.

The potentials were estimated, economically interpreted and valued for a stable operator’s conception. In addition, the already existing railbike lines were checked and their location, attractiveness and use were analysed in detail. Then this data were referred to the situation in the nature reserve Eichsfeld- Hainich- Werratal and conclusions were drawn for a future tourist offer.

However, the railway line is special in low mountain ranges in Germany. On the one hand it is particularly attractive but on the other hand it is a challange for planning. Above all, this concerns mainly the tunnel and bridge constructions.

The work occurred in two working sections:

In the first working section “Tourist feasibility study and potential valuation”, it was examined to what extend the railway line is suitable for a long- lasting use as a tourist adventure railway line. Moreover, the conditions for a tourist use should be considered and potentials for a possible tourist enquiry should be appreciated.

During the second working section “Operator’s concept and implementation planning”, it was examined which judicial and operative conditions have to be fulfilled for a touristic use of a railbike line and the complementary bicycle offers. Furthermore, it is important to know which operator models are possible and how to organise the implementation of the operation temporal and with regard to contents.

 Actual information about the "Kanonenbahn" you can find here.

Project leader:
H. Kill

Contact person:
S. Sommer
J. Flaig
L. Ludwig

Dez. 2003 - Apr. 2004

Accessibility and location studies
Mobility concepts

Spatial analyses


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