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Development and testing of a method to identify concerted regional public transport

The Federal State of Thuringia is challenged, as other Federal States also, by the reduction of State funds for regional transport. Still, these reduced financial resources must be used efficiently and goal-oriented.

Double financial aids, even indirect ones, are excluded. Knowing that, one has to examine the supplies of both the regional public bus system (StPNV) and the regional public railway system (SPNV), especially those who are active in the same area.

The public bodies are requested to reduce their supply in one of the two fields of regional public transport (ÖPNV) in case there happen to be competing offers. This serves the purpose of saving money without reducing the connectivity. However, cuttings in the supply cause controversial discussion because of the different public responsibilities for the regional public bus system (StPNV) and the regional public railway system (SPNV) as well as the dominant preferences in society and politics.

Not only for the discussions, but also for upcoming decisions about future supplies, the public body in charge of the SPNV is in need of an objective method to identify and assess concerted traffic in the ÖPNV.

The Transport and Spatial Planning Institute has been charged with the development and testing of this “method for identification and assessment of concerted traffic in regional public transport“.

The working procedure of this project is the following:

  • Analysis of literature and sources in order to revise and display the standard of current research
  • Development of and agreement on a precise definition of the term „concerted traffic”
  • Development of and agreement on a traceable method of assessment to identify competing transport supplies
  • Testing and exemplary use of the developed method after having agreed with the initiator
  • Analysis of concerted railway traffic in selected research areas after having agreed with the initiator

The results of the project can be seen in the following download (in German language):

Parallelverkehre im Öffentlichen Personenverkehr (pdf/ 7.9 mb)

Project leader:
M. Gather

Contact person:
D. Pataki Nagy

December 2006 - March 2008 

Project type:

Accessibility and location studies
Mobility concepts

Spatial analyses
Transport Management Studies

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