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GREEN BELT - Protection and Valorisation of the Landscapes along the former "Iron Curtain", Working Package 2: Sensitive traffic development: Feasibility study and pilot projects

Along the former „Iron Curtain“, unique natural and cultural landscapes have been preserved. The GREEN BELT project aims at the protection of this longest system of habitats in Europe by the sensitive valorisation of its natural and cultural heritage. The natural potential of the (former) border regions shall be used to develop concepts for the sensitive regional development in the respective areas. Furthermore, the project wants to foster the communication between people living in these border regions and to transform the former “death belt” into a green “life line” connecting countries across the CADSES area and beyond.

The project consists of following components:
- Establishment and protection of the trans-national habitat system Green Belt
- Pilot projects: Sensitive traffic development in the (former) border regions
- Public relations, tourist marketing, education projects
- Trans-national networking: establishment of a long-term GREEN BELT network in the CADSES and beyond

The Transport and Spatial Planning Institute is Lead Partner of Working Package 2 "Sensitive traffic development". This includes the creation of a feasibility study with a set of criteria for transborder Public Transport, bike paths and hiking trails along and crossing the GREEN BELT. At all levels the concepts of Accessibility for All and Ecotourism have to be considered.

• Association for Rural Development in Thuringia (Lead Partner) DE
• BUND Thuringia - Friends of the Earth Germany DE
• Erfurt University of Applied Sciences,
Transport and Spatial Planning Institute DE
• ISBE, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic CZ
• Oživení - Bohemian Greenways CZ
• Institute for Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology AT
• Association for Nature Conservation Burgenland AT
• Slovak Environmental Agency SK
• Regional Environmental Center - Country Office Slovakia SK
• Hungarian Cyclist Club HU
• Castanea - Society for Environmental Protection HU
• Centre for Sustainable Rural Development Kranj SI
• Nature Park Goričko SI
• Thuringian Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Environment DE
• Hnutí Duha - Friends of the Earth Czech Republic CZ
• ETP Foundation BG
• National Centre of Regional Development BG
• State Institute for Nature Protection HR

 The final report "Sensitive Transport Development along the Central European Green Belt" was released as "Reports of the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute, No. 2" and is availble in the download-area

Official website of the project:

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