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Checklists for a barrier-free regional public transport

Within the research project „BeGiN – equal chances for people with disabilities in regional public transport. – Analysis, testing and assessment of measures for a barrier-free access to the “Talsperrenregion am Rennsteig” with special consideration of new instruments of the law for equality of disabled people (BGG)” a method and an instrument have been developed to guarantee the barrier-freedom in awarding investment subsidies for the public transportation in Thuringia in the future.
The fundament of the optimised subsidies procedure is the implementation of obligatory checklists on barrier-freedom, legally declared by the investment-policy for the public transport of the Federal State of Thuringia, effective since January 1st 2007. Respectively checklists had to be developed for different cases. In a first step following checklists have been developed and agreed upon in a workshop with the State organisations of people with disabilities:

  1. Checklist      Minimum standards  for barrier-free regional bus stops
  2. Checklist      Minimum standards  for barrier-free bus junctions
  3. Checklist      Minimum standards  for barrier-free modal interfaces bus – rail
  4. Checklist      Minimum standards  for barrier-free regional railway-stops
  5. Checklist      Minimum standards  for barrier-free P&R-facilities
  6. Checklist      Minimum standards  for barrier-free passengers service and information systems
  7. Checklist      Minimum standards  for barrier-free tram stations
  8. Checklist      Minimum standards  for barrier-free trams
  9. Checklist      Minimum standards  for barrier-free public buses
  10. Checklist     Minimum standards for barrier-free city bus stops
  11. Checklist     Minimum Standards for barrier-free toilets

Project leader:
M. Gather
M. Rebstock

Contact person:
M. Rebstock

July 2007 - Nov 2009

Design for all

Cooperative planning


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