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Occupancy of motorway parking places by HGV in Thuringia – determination, assessment, prognosis, recommendations

It has been discovered that the capacity of motorway parking places is not high enough in the entire Federal Republic. Especially at nighttime, the HGV occupy the parking places to an overloading extend. There are resultant problems for:

1.      the transport security by parked HGV that (have to) occupy places for the regular flowing traffic

2.      the exceeding the allowed HGV driving time per day as a result of search for parking places. This is not a violation of law, but hereby the goals of the EU-decree are being fundamentally foiled

3.      economics and environment. The traffic of HGV that search parking places causes additional operational costs that have to be allowed by the community. Also, environmental damage is caused by basically avoidable poisonous emissions.

Therefore the goal of the project is to give the State Road Construction Authority in Thuringia a qualified overview of the current situation for them to plan future actions.
The research consists of the following aspects:

1.      Determination of the occupancy of motorway parking places caused by HGV in Thuringia

2.      Assessment of the results

3.      Prognosis about the future occupancy of motorway parking places by HGV in Thuringia

4.      Recommendations for the Thuringian State Road Construction Authority Thuringia

The results of the project can be seen in the following downloads:

1. Zwischenbericht

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