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FloReSt – Flexible fleet structures within the regional public bus system

Initial Position:
The companies of the regional public bus system within rural areas are confronted with an immense pressure of adjustment. The reasons for this can be summed up as followed:

  • In the course of the European liberalisation, even transport services will be advertised in the future. The transport companies are exposed to the European competition and have to adapt in terms of offering marketable supply.
  • Public subsidy and compensating indemnity are on the decline. In terms of income, less and less public funds are available for transport companies.
  • Particularly in the Federal States of the former East Germany as well as in weak areas of the Federal States of the former West, the population of rural areas is continuously shrinking. In addition to that, the school transport service decreases due to the demographic change. The result is a drastic loss of income.

Project goal:
Major goal of the project is the development of a guide for planning and operation processes for small and medium-sized transport companies to technologically and economically assess their fleet structures.
The project shall also answer three major questions:

  • In what way should vehicles and vehicle fleets of regional transport companies be designed?
  • What type of vehicles for fleet operations can advance the influence on vehicle-dependant fixed costs?
  • How can transport companies be prepared to independently estimate consequences for their business administration caused by alternative solutions?

Working procedure:
The project will be realised under tight collaboration with cooperating transport companies as well as other organisations of the transport industry. Altogether there are four project phases:

  • Project Phase A: First investigations and starting of the project
  • Project Phase B: Analysis of the basic conditions
  • Project Phase C: Development and assessment of possible solutions
  • Project Phase D: Development of the guide for operation processes

An analysis of the basic conditions within the regional public bus system shall reveal the current and the future demands the transport industry will have to focus as well as outline managerial possibilities and limits for the use of vehicles. On this ground we will develop, in association with the cooperating transport companies, possible solutions and demands for future vehicle fleets and assess these. The results add to a planning aid in order to technologically and economically assess fleet structures of small and medium-sized transport companies.


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