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Investigation of the transfer relations at the central bus station in Jena

The city of Jena as one of Thuringia’s bigger cities aims at an enhanced use of the Public Transport in the entire region Middle Thuringia. The location of Jena’s central bus station as neighbour to the DB train station Jena Paradies allows a good connection between bus and railway transport.

In the course of the planned modernisation of the central bus station, the city of Jena needs profound information on the traveler’s current mobility behaviour at this important connection point between regional bus lines and railway transport (regional and long-distance). Against this background, the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute was assigned with a three-day survey of the transfer relations at the central bus station Jena.

Purpose of the assigned investigation is the provision of profound data, which can be used to assess and create a modern and perfectly dimensioned central bus station for the city of Jena.  The task included the object, complexity, time and duration of the survey. The investigation also included a targeted interrogation of the transferring travelers.

Time and duration of the project were predetermined by a tight schedule and were set within the 22nd CW on Monday, Thursday and Friday. The investigation was held from 5.00AM to 8.00PM on these days.


Project leader:
M. Gather

Contact person:
K. Menzel


May 2008 – June 2008

Travel demand

Travel survey

Contract partner:
City of Jena
Fachdienst Verkehrsmanagement


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