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Need-based public mobility offers in the Ilm-Kreis county

The Ilm-Kreis county is – according to the Thuringian law of public-transport - responsible for the road-based public transport. The binding mandate consists of an extensive service of all communities in the countryside and of the traffic-connection of the towns Arnstadt and Ilmenau. The task of the counties is to plan, to organize and to finance the bus lines into the countryside.

The continuous negative demographic development (declining population; change of age pyramid) and its impacts on the use of public-transport and the cuts of the financial resources of regionalisation are a tremendous challenge to the public-transport most of all in rural regions of Thuringia. Consequently and against the background of a critical budgetary position in addition the regional authorities have increasing difficulties to organize an as effective and nevertheless as attractive public-transport supply as possible. Therefore it is necessary to analyse the existing public-transport supply as capacity and effectiveness regards and to adjust it to the new situation where required.

For this reason the Ilm-Kreis county charged the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute of the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt with the technical preparation of basic principles to evaluate the capacity of the public supply of mobility existing in the county.

The result of the project is a systematic evaluation of the quality of the public-transport supply in the Ilm-Kreis county. The proposals of supply-organisation in the future should show possible options of action for the regional authorities afterwards.

The execution of the project was carried out in two activities:

  • activity 1: Evaluation of the public-transport supply
  • activity 2: Analysis of bottlenecks in the public-transport supply

A short summary of the project can be seen in the following download:

Summary Ilm-Kreis

Project leader:
M. Gather

Contact person:
S. Sommer 

July 2008 - November 2008 

Mobility concepts

Spatial analyses


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